Particular Description
Manufacturer JAIN
Product fragrance TEA TREE
Size 10 ML

Tea Tree essential oil is among the most well-known essential oils that have numerous advantages. The holistic study of Ayurveda offers evidence for this oil's benefits since the beginning of time. Tea tree oil is of great importance due to its ability to balance all Ayurvedic cures.

The tea tree plant is distinct from the normal tea plant, irrespective of its name. It is referred to as the "knight in shining armor because it is a shield against all kinds of infections and allergic reactions. It is able to treat various ailments like hair and skin issues because of its anti-allergic, soothing, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, and nourishing qualities.

Uses and benefits of tea tree oil

  • Helps to promote glowing skin
  • Aids in getting rid of acne
  • Helps prevent skin infections.
  • Helps prevent skin cancer

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