Particular Description
Manufacturer JAIN
Product fragrance JASMINE
Size 10 ML

Jasmine Pure Essential Oil is intended for external use only. Can used in burners, massage oils, vaporizers bath oil emmenagogue properties, non-irritants, non-toxic, and not sensitizing, and should be avoided during pregnancy. The benefits of Jasmine essential oil are that it eases anxiety, depression, and chills. It is an aphrodisiac that is strong. It boosts confidence and increases the elasticity of the skin. Massage is a great way to boost confidence and improve skin elasticity. Jasmine essential oils can be employed for massages.

Mix 3 to 4 drops of the essential oil in a carrier oil and blend it thoroughly. Diffuser: Put 4 to 5 drops of Jasmine essential oil inside a bowl for a diffuser filled with three-quarters water.

Essential oils should not be burned directly since the chemical structure could be altered by an incinerator. Baths include 4 to 5 drops of Jasmine essential oil in the bathtub or add 3-4 drops to your bucket. Shake the water carefully to combine the oil thoroughly. If you suffer from dry skin, use one teaspoon of oil from a vegetable to the oil essential.

Method Apply Jasmine essential oil to make aromatherapy by placing 1 or 2 drops on your wrist and on the neck's nape. It helps to restore emotional equilibrium. Place 2-3 drops on a piece of tissue paper and then inhale to ease depression and nervousness. To increase the elasticity of the skin, apply it to massage your face. Mix 2 drops of Jasmine essential oil to almond oil and gently massage. After massaging, put the hot towel over your face so that the oil can absorb better and allow you to allow your face to relax.

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